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Capability Statement

Optisys is an antenna design company that specializes in the use of metal 3D printing. We design and manufacture highly integrated antenna structures with higher performance, lower SWaP-C, and extremely reduced lead times.


Our approach enables scaling, mixing, and matching of an existing library of antenna subcomponents to develop modular product solutions. AI software will future reduce lead times to the end customers. This allows for custom antenna systems at rapid lead times and lower cost.

Company Snapshot

  • Founded: 2016

  • CAGE Code: 7QGS8

  • DUNS: 080406926

  • NAICS: 334220, 541490, 541990

  • Employees: 30

  • Small Business: SBC_001191447

  • ITAR: Registered

  • EIN / TIN: 812749105

Antenna Types

Phased arrays, Passive arrays, Antenna feeds, Horn arrays, Slotted arrays, Monopulse tracking, Polarizers, Filters, Switches, Combiners, Gearing, Structural components, Thermal feature integration, Omni antennas, Tracking antennas, etc.

Value Proposition

Faster design and manufacturing, lower part count, lower weight, smaller size.

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