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Being all metal our products are well suited to space applications due to their low SWaP and high efficiency. Optisys are experts in creating tiled solutions that allow us to grow very large structures (e.g in excess of 4mSq) for high gain applications, as well as feeds that are deployable for compact storage in cubesats.


Our products are already on a number of satellite, deep space probe and lander missions.


Whether it is communications, radar or RF monitoring, our products offer a significant advantage due to their light weight and compact size. This is beneficial for all sized air platforms, in many cases, allowing longer loiter times, increased signal range and advanced capability on smaller, cheaper platforms.

Our antenna, radar and RF equipment products are already deployed on a number of military and civilian platforms ranging from large aircraft to small UAV's.

uav hale aircraft aerospace sensor radar antenna
vehicle land tank ground antenna radar sensor


Optisys solutions cater for all types of land based applications including vehicle mounted sensors and steerable arrays for communications. We also provide arrays and feeds for ground stations and terrestrial communication networks such as 5G infrastructure. Our all metal structures give them very high power handling capability.


Optisys' wide variety of products are utilised extensively for sea borne vessels of all sizes. We can give small vessels unrivalled detection and SOTM capability due to the efficiency and low power nature of our technology.

Our tiling capability allows a common architecture to be used by all sized vehicles of a fleet, giving exceptional value for money to our customers.

sea marine ship battleship radar antenna sensor
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