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phased array esa aesa hybrid antenna dualband multiband wideband



Our phased array product line is offered as a Hybrid phased arrays. The Hybrid approach, where one axis electronically steered and the second axis is steered using a mechanical turntable for low power, lower cost installations. Multibeam solutions are possible with this approach too. All our phased arrays can be wide band and dual band, covering the full Ku to Ka, or X and Ku as examples, as well as also providing full duplex Tx/Rx in the same aperture.


Our horn arrays are highly versatile, being used for many sensor and communications applications on anything from ships right up to space. Our arrays are highly modular, scalable and can encompass all aspects of the passive RF chain in one component.

antenna array horn filter diplexer duplexer
feed multiband wideband dualband space satellite


Optisys feeds are highly customisable, with dual polarisation, filtering and multi band as common features. We can easily modify the feed for different reflector sizes and our patented fully integrated design removes the need for boom arms and associated pattern discrepancies.


Optisys narrow-band slotted arrays are a very lightweight, compact and efficient solution that are making a big impact in the space industry. We can easily tile panels into very large, but still lightweight, arrays.

slotted slot array narrowband flat panel antenna radar
waveguide wave guide switch rfe radio frequency equipment


Optisys are also capable of developing and incorporating WG switching, diplexers and much more into our other RF products or as standalone, drop-in, product.

OMNI Antennas

Optisys Onmis are extremely compact, capable of very wideband performance and offer very high power handling capabilities.

Along with our other solutions, our Omnis can be quickly modified to change the pattern for different applications.

omni antenna pattern
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