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Upto 99%

Upto 95%

Upto 90%

Less Weight

Less Size

Less Development Time

Upto 75%

Less System Cost

Our Solution

Your Unmatched Advantage

Optisys is a turnkey advanced antenna and radar product vendor. Our next generation RF products can enable ground breaking system and product performance through our low SWaP-C, highly efficient, solution capability. Our technology is enabled by our novel design process and metal additive manufacturing for component production.

Optisys can provide solutions from 1 to 100GHz, from feeds and flat panel antennas, to phased arrays and Synthetic Aperture Radar, and a great deal in between. We also design and fully integrate, as part of the radiating element, peripheral aspects of the RF aperture, such as filtering, combiner networks, wave guide switching, diplexing and much more.

Our Advantage

Our Unique Benefit

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Our Process

Our Novel Process


Optisys are specialists in designing RF products to make the best use of metal additive manufacturing. Working from a customer specification we can provide a ground breaking solution offering low SWaP, high performance, and unrivaled cost efficiencies.

The product will be optimized to your exact requirements, whether it be for sea applications or deep space expeditions, in an extremely condensed time schedule; as we are designing fewer parts to produce a system

we can do this much quicker than our competitors.

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X band SAR HALE uav 3dprinted metal additive manufacturing radar

Due to the level of integration we can provide, Optisys can optimize not only the entire passive RF chain, but also include structural and thermal solutions too. Many of our apertures are used as main structural members for the whole system. This capability further ensures the minimum SWaPC is achieved.


Optisys controls the entire design, manufacture, and test process. This enables us to finely control every aspect of the design and manufacture process to ensure product performance and repeatability.

This coupled with our rapid design process, and the use of 3d printing to both build the parts and combine them into a system within the printer, further allows us to rapidly develop and deploy ground breaking products.

Some new components can be designed, produced, and delivered in as little as 16 weeks, with repeat orders having the option of being expedited in 2 weeks.

SLM500 Machine antenna radar 3dprinted metal additive manufacturing
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