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Optisys and LIG Nex1 sign MOU at Defence Expo Korea 2022

Optisys CEO Janos Opra (Third from left), LIG ​​Nex1 C4ISTAR R&D vice president kook chanho (fourth from right), LIG ​​Nex1 C4ISTAR mechanical R&D vice president ryu guhyun (second from right), Optisys VP of Global Business Ben Hollenbeck (third from right), as well as other senior officials from both companies.

· Optisys and LIG Nex1 to cooperate on next generation antenna systems

· Optisys to assist LIG Nex1 in digital manufacturing technology development

Salt Lake City, USA, [Wednesday 16th November 02.00MT / 09.00GMT]: Optisys - a global company leading the field of additively manufactured antennas for the space and defense industry, and LIG Nex1 – the premier Korean aerospace and defense company, signed an MOU at the Defense Expo Korea 2022 on September 21st for cooperation in producing advanced metal additively manufactured antenna systems and digital manufacturing technology cooperation.

Through the signing of this MOU, LIG Nex1 and Optisys plan to promote the establishment of a cooperative system in the field of digital manufacturing technology linked to additively manufactured antenna systems and additive manufacturing excellence.

“Additively manufactured antenna systems drastically reduce SWaP while reducing part count and simplifying the supply chain, all of which are critical factors in reducing total system level costs while improving reliability in the defense and aerospace industries” says Janos Opra, CEO. “With Optisys technology and LIG’s excellence in producing advanced systems, we expect to create novel systems that reach new levels of efficiency and excellence” he added.

LIG Nex1 Co., Ltd.

LIG Nex1 Co., Ltd. is an aerospace and defense manufacturer that operates throughout South Korea and produces advanced systems for both the domestic and global defense industry. LIG develops and produces a wide range of advanced precision electronic systems including missile, underwater weapon systems, radars, electronic warfare, avionics, tactical communication systems, fire control systems, naval combat systems, and electro-optics.

About Optisys

Optisys is an antenna design company that specializes in the use of metal additive manufacturing. Optisys designs and manufactures highly integrated antenna structures that achieve the lightest weight and smallest volume possible. Reduced size and weight of antennas allow for more payload and greater complexity of antenna solutions. Features such as high frequency, full-duplex, high data-rate communication, and tracking antennas become a possibility for many defense and aerospace applications.



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